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  • ID Card Printing

    ID Card Printing

    Industry Leading Technology

    We now provide and support Customized Student and Employee ID Card Printing using industry leading technology with the following features:

    1. Two (2) Layers of High Durable Overlay
    2. 3D Metallic Effect (text and image)*
    3. Pearlescent Security*
    4. Watermark Security (visible under UV light)*
    5. Platinum effect (using silver metallic overlay)*
    6. Golden effect (using gold metallic overlay)*
    7. Full color printing
    8. Dual-sided printing
    9. Direct to card printing
    10. Transparent layer protection (extra added protection)
    11. Customized content (front and back sides)
    12. ATM size (85.60mm × 53.98mm (3.370in × 2.125in))
    13. PVC 10, 20, 30mil (standard) and 40mil* thickness

    *Optional feature for additional minimal charge.

  • Card Printing

    Customized Cut & Card Printing

    Calling Card
    Event and Party Invitation Card

  • Sublimation Printing

    T-shirt, Cap, and other garment materials
    Plate, Mug and other ceramic materials
    Ballpen and other plastic materials