ESET Mobile Security for Android

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ESET Mobile Security for Android

Comprehensive protection for your Android smartphone and tablet.

1 User 1-Year Subscription


Android 4.0 and higher


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Real-time Scanning
Ensures that all installation files and installed apps are screened for malware

USB On-The-Go Scanner
Every connected USB device will be checked first to prevent malware accessing your smartphone.

Protects against malicious websites attempting to acquire your sensitive information

Custom on-screen message
Send a custom message to the missing device to contact the finder. The message will appear on screen even when the device is locked.

Location Tracking
When the device is marked as missing, the location is regularly sent to and displayed on the map, helping you track its position in time.

Camera Snapshots
Snapshots are automatically and regularly sent from the phone’s front and back camera to if the device is marked as missing.

SIM Guard
Lets you stay in control of your phone if it goes missing. Your phone will be locked when unauthorized SIM card will be inserted.

App Lock
Protects apps from unauthorized access by using a PIN or a fingerprint.

Connected Home Monitor - NEW
Provides information about the security of your router. It also displays a list of devices connected to your network.

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